Abduction Prevention Tips

Article by: Robert Eaton

Abduction Prevention Tips

Your best protection against child abduction and avoiding the need for an Amber Alert is to have a smart and informed kid that will know how to , Katrina: Lessons Learned on the Nature of Man avoid dangers. There will be times when your child will be alone and they need to know how to , Carbon Monoxide Detector - Do I Really Need One? react in a dangerous situation. If you teach your child to avoid dangers chances increase that he or she will become more aware of a potential threat and know how to , The Necessity of Spy Electronics stay safe. , Cell Phone Stun Gun Here are a few abduction prevention tips , Protect Your Family From Solar Flares that you and your child should know.

* Never let strangers approach you and ask to take your picture. If something like this happens you should immediately find your parent or supervisor.

* If someone grabs you and tries to take you somewhere try to attract attention on yourself. , Options In Effective Intrusion Detection If you just start crying, people around you will think that's mom or dad taking you home. , Utilizing Customer Service at Your Security Company Instead, cry for help by saying : "This is not mom" or, if the person is male "This is not dad!"

* Learn to use and appreciate the "buddy" system - one of the most powerful allies you have when it comes to child abduction.

* If someone asks you to go near their car so that they can ask you some questions, avoid doing that. You can answer their questions from a safe , Protect Your Family From Solar Flares distance.

* Do not let strangers tell you "Get into the car, your mom said so." Many child abductions take place , Covert Hidden Cameras: Put the Sneak in Sneaking in a similar way, so make sure to get away from a person saying this to you.

* If you are being asked for help by a grown up, be cautious. If they really needed help they would ask another grown up to give them a hand.

* Do not let anyone touch you, anywhere on your body. You have the right to privacy and you have to be aware of this in every situation.

* When going home, , How to Protect Your Family and Valuables by Hiding Them "Out of Sight and Out of Mind!" never hitchhike, no matter how friendly and kind the driver seems. Unless your parents tell you specifically that someone is going to pick you up, you should say NO to everyone else.

* If someone walks up to you and tells you to keep a secret, run away and tell your teacher or your parents. Several child abductions take place , Home Security Patio Sliding Glass Doors by this method each day - do not become a victim!

* Your parents should decide to use a secret word that only you and them will know. Think of it as a password to a computer. Only you and your parents know it, and, for example if they send someone you don't know to pick you up, they might tell that person the codeword as well, so that you know you are safe. , What is Defensive Spray?

In case of an emergency, , Home Fire Safety try to stay as calm as you can and yell loudly for help. React promptly to any gesture towards you as soon as it happens, and you might just avoid a child abduction!
Author: Robert Eaton
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