Alarm System: Wireless Remotes

Article by: Matthew Francis


These remotes are also known as "key fobs"Âť or "4 button key chains"Âť. They are wonderful to have in addition to your keypad as you can turn your alarm , Nanny Cams & Privacy on or off without going to the keypad. You still need a keypad to perform most of the other operations of your system such as seeing what zone is opened or has been violated after an alarm. , Thinking about Home Protection? The typical programming for a 4 button key chain would be as follows.

1 System Armed. (On)
2 System Disarmed (Off)
3 System Armed -Stay (Motion detectors bypassed)
4 Police Panic (Siren sounds)

Your buttons on your key fob can be programmed to do other functions. For example grandma can have one that calls , Facts And Misconceptions Of Pepper Spray for medical help if she presses her button.

These key chains and pendants are wonderful for many reasons. You are most importantly attached to you alarm , Gas Masks - A Preemptive Measure for Unprecedented Attacks if you are within the specified range from your system, (anywhere from 250 to 1000 feet) based on the quality of the transmitter and receiver. If you get out of your car in your driveway and are approached, you can call , Do You Know Where to for Disaster Recovery Help? for help and sound your sirens with the press of a button. An employee leaving work can call , Alarms - What Do We Do? for help from the parking lot.

You can also use your Key fob at night to turn your alarm , Home Air Purifier Smoke Detector Combo Unit on and keep your keys on your night- stand, so that you have a panic button at the ready if needed. Your key chain also allows you to arm your main floor , A Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing a Home Security System motion detector at night. If you need to go into the protected area for a late night glass , Facts And Misconceptions Of Pepper Spray of milk or something, just press a button to disarm and rearm upon your return. (Make sure there are no other occupants that will roam the house , Home Selling before using this feature)

If you have groceries and or children to carry, you can turn your alarm , Security or Safety off without going to the keypad. If your garage , Beyond Home Security - Internet Remote Monitoring and Family Life has a motion detector in it you can turn your alarm , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth off before opening the overhead door. , Insurance In The Form Of A Swimming Pool Safety Fence

If you have a hardwired system you need a wireless receiver to add any wireless device such as a remote key fob to your system. Once you have a receiver it will take and process signals from multiple devices, this gives you the flexibility to add equipment later without the expense of additional receivers.
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Matthew Francis

22 year veteran of the alarm , Whats The Top Burglar ? industry Installer, salesman, licensed alarm , How Home Security Monitoring Works company owner, monitoring station designer, , Insurance In The Form Of A Swimming Pool Safety Fence promotions and marketing director with one of the worlds largest security , Camera System Buyers Guide dealers. He now works as a consumer advocate, teaching consumers how to , Eavesdropping and Counter-Measures: Technology and Techniques buy or get systems for free (without being taken). He is committed to being unbiased. His web , Hidden Dangers in the Homes of America site is

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