Best Places to Hide Valuables

Article by: Ted Marlett

Have you ever lost something? Did you absolutely remember putting something valuable somewhere and now you cannot remember where you put it? You may be like millions of other people who forget "misplaced" valuables.

Hiding your valuables in the mattress or under your favorite pillow is not a good safeguard anymore. Most thieves know to look in these places , Stand Alone Keyless Access - How Does It Work? quickly. You could keep a safety , First Aid for Electric Shock Victims deposit box at your local , Home Security Devices - How To Choose A Company To Buy From bank, but then you would have the hassle of going there often to look at or use your valuables. You could keep your valuables any number of places outside , Catch A Burglar, Safely And Secretly your home, , Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Nadine but then you would be constantly going "other places" to look at or use them.

The traditional approach to keeping ones' valuables has been around for years. How many times have you searched an old house , Home Safety Tips and found something that was old and valuable? Hiding valuables in your home , What Kind Of Security System Do You Need? is an excellent idea as long as the places , Home Security System Considerations for Your New Home you hide them is really secret, and kept that way.

There are 10 ideas below where you could locate a "secret place" to put your valuables. These may offer maximum security. , Let's look at locks. The first five are primarily for homeowners while the second five are for apartment , Home Security: Options To Consider dwellers. Some may require some construction to an existing space and other do not.

1. Walls , Home Selling and ceilings

"¢ Because every room , What Kind Of Home Security System Do You Need? has four walls , Chicago Real Estate and a ceiling, and some are hollow, there can be a hidden space behind every wall , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security in every room , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison or in the ceiling. We all have fixed solid items on walls. , Home Security - Low Cost Alarms That Work You would have to remove the fixed item and hollow out a space behind it. When you put the item back, make sure you camouflage your work well.

2. Beams

"¢ Ceiling and wall , Insurance In The Form Of A Swimming Pool Safety Fence beams have always been a popular architectural feature , Home Security: How To Deal With Bogus Callers in homes. , Bug Detectors Offer Security for and Business Make one a false beam that is movable. Make sure it does not have to support anything. Hollow out an opening in the top or back side and put it back. Make sure you do not make your work visible.

3. Baseboards

"¢ Everyone has baseboard running along the walls , Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Nadine in each room. , Home Security: Options To Consider Pick a spot and hollow out a space behind a baseboard and put it back. Make sure it is a short one or one that can easily be removed or it will look obvious that something was going on.

4. Paneling

"¢ Choose a small section of paneling and put something in the "dead space" behind it. You find it hard to do if all you have is 4x8 sheets of paneling.

5. Mirrors

"¢ Mirrors often have nothing behind them. They offer small spaces to put things. These could be on your walls , Bug Detectors Offer Security for Home and Business or on your doors. , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security

6. Furniture , Hurricanes and Home Security; Protect Your Family and tables

Furniture , Home Selling has been used to hide things for years. All you have to do is take a piece of furniture , What Not To Do If You Are Attacked and look for a place , Disaster Planning for the Hurricane Season - Pure Water for Natural Disasters you can hollow out that would not be conspicuous. A very simple approach would be moldings or any other place , Read this Article if You Want to Make Your Home Into a Fortress you can hollow out and conceal.

7. Bookcase

"¢ A common and easily overlooked place , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth is the base of a bookcase. If you can make the shelf removable or the molding removable you will have a place , Catch A Burglar, Safely And Secretly to hide things. You could use magnets to put the shelf or molding back.

8. Light , Accessories for Camera Surveillance switch

"¢ An easy and highly deceptive hiding place , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth is a light , Ex-Cop Reveals And Recommends Pepper Spray and Why switch. If you use a real one, make sure the electrical power , Alarms - Which Home Alarm System is Right for You? is turned off prior to making the hollow space. Then put the light , Disaster Planning for the Hurricane Season - Pure Water for Natural Disasters switch plate back in place. , Home Security: How to Defend Your Home When You Are Away

9. House , Home Security System Considerations for Your New Home plants

"¢ Secret compartments can be built into the plant , Home Security - Protect Yourself Against Burglary pot. Make sure you seal your valuables in a waterproof bag.

10. Buried treasure

"¢ The last place , Handling a Hurricane; Part 2 - Preparing for and Surviving an Approaching Hurricane has been a favorite throughout the years. Hiding your valuables underground.

When you decide what to do with your valuables make sure you have an accurate map of where you hid them. Without the map you may once again remember absolutely putting a valuable somewhere, but cannot remember where you put it.

Make sure your work is flawless and everything fits together perfectly. Do not tell anyone except members of your own family where the valuables are hidden.
Copyright 2006 - USA Ted Marlett has been in the home, , Tropical Hurricane Isaac is Out of this World business and personal safety , Do You Know Where to Call for Disaster Recovery Help? business for the past two years. He retired from the military after 20 years and has an MSW degree.

You may freely distribute this article in electronic form or print if the links, byline and bio remain intact.

Please visit NW Security , Read this Article if You Want to Make Your Home Into a Fortress Products. Owned and operated by Ted Marlett

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