Blackout - Get Ready For A Power Failure!

Article by: Edward Lewis

Handy Tips
  • Compile a list of electricians with their names, contact numbers, addresses and operating hours. Locate those situated nearby and those which operate 24 hours.

  • Phone , Home Security Tips To Help Prevent Crime lines may not be affected when there is a power , Lightning Safety for the Home failure so make sure there is a non-cordless phone , Alarm System: Sirens in the house. , All in One Hidden Digital Video Recorders You see, once the electricity , Home Security, Car Security, and Personal Security Basics is cut off, that hi-tech, stylish and sleek cordless phone , Lightning Safety for the Home becomes utterly useless! But calls , Protect Your Home with Spy Camera can still be made with a non-cordless phone. , Personal Preparedness

  • Definitely a good idea to keep a charged cell phone , Building healthy homes: Want to secure the health and life of your family at home? handy.

  • Place , Lightning Safety for the Home a flashlight or tap-light near the entrance of the house , Outdoor Lighting Adds Security, Artistic Look To A Home or apartment, , Outdoor Lighting Adds Security, Artistic Look To A Home in case the blackout occurs late in the night and you have just reached the doorstep. Also place , Home Security, Car Security, and Personal Security Basics them near stairways, bathrooms, , Best Places to Hide Valuables kids' play room , Home Security: How To Deal With Bogus Callers and in the kitchen. , Ordinary Objects? Or Listening Devices?

  • Buy battery-less flashlights that light , All in One Hidden Digital Video Recorders up by hand crank.

  • Store lots of candles, lighters and matches. They are the light , Three Easy Steps to Help Protect Your Home saviours and they have no expiry dates!

  • Candles can be kept indefinitely in the fridge until a blackout occurs. The cold , Home Security System Considerations for Your New Home temperature can further harden the candle wax so that the candle can burn for an even longer period of time. Try to get good quality candles, i.e. candles that will not collapse but will hold their shapes and burn till the end.

  • Convert candle holders out of glass , Alarm Envy or Just a Good Idea plates, jars or any piece of metal , Today’s Home Security board/tray or unwanted metal , Home Security: How To Deal With Bogus Callers cookwares.

  • Keep a small flashlight in the bag which will come in handy during an emergency , Personal Preparedness like getting trapped in a dark confined space like the lift, public restroom, subway train or in a hotel room. , Alarm Envy or Just a Good Idea

  • Wrist watches with bright back-lit lights , Tips On Buying An Effective Alarm System or with illuminators might just prove themselves useful in a blackout.

  • Draw away curtains or blinds to allow daylight or street/building lights , The Leading Causes for Insurance Claims and What You Can Do About Them to pass through.

  • Install an emergency , Home Security: How to Defend Your Home When You Are Away generator as a backup if certain critical electrical appliances must not come to a halt.

  • Connect up to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power , A Hidden Camera for Your Home Supply) to protect against any loss of important computer data. Always save , What Are Disaster Recovery Templates And How Do They Help? your current working files every 5-10 minutes.

  • Make sure a battery-operated portable radio is working. It could be the only device to receive instructions if the blackout has struck the entire estate or beyond.

  • Understand that a blackout can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Do not get complacent. Got to be ready for it NOW.

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