Have You Planned An Earthquake Kit

Article by: Bruce Chambers

The West Coast of USA and Canada are the most earthquake prone regions in the country. Residents of the area should be prepared for a damaging earthquake at any time.

Los Angles and San Francisco have had their share of large quakes, but more can be expected. Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland regions have so far escaped having any major quakes. Emergency , Magnetic Locks organizations claim residents are overdue for a large quake. They should be prepared for a large earthquake at any time.

If a major earthquake should hit you should be prepared to be on your own for at least 48 hours. Food, , The Advantages Of Digital Video Surveillance medical help may not be available.

Every family should have at least one-person train in CPR and some First Aid , Security Cameras until Emerecery Services can be supplied. Consider a family plan , Bioterrorism Preparedness identifying an escape route, where to meet if routes are opened. What family members have cell phones, , Home Security Systems Provide a Safe Environment for Family Members their numbers and who should you try to contact first.

Do you know where your shut offs are for gas, , Katrina: Lessons Learned on the Nature of Man power , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security and water? Do you know how to , NYC Moving Advice shut them off? Have you prepared an earthquake kit? If an earthquake should hit, you should be prepared to be on your own for at least 48 hours.

At home , Security Systems - Best Way To Keep Your House Safe your First Aid , Evaluating Your Home Security Needs Kit should consist of:

First Aid Kit and manual
Battery powered radio
A couple of warm blankets
Warm Jackets
Extra shoes, socks
Flashlight with extra batteries
Emergency food, , CCTV can opener and water
Any essential medicines
Cash and credit cards

Most people just will not have a kit ready. In this case at least have a plastic , How Jimmy Got His Stolen Property Replaced container ready to go with a couple of blankets, a few jackets, socks and shoes. Place , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security a First Aid , How Jimmy Got His Stolen Property Replaced Manual on top with a checklist of things you have ready but not packed. Really it's a good idea to have this container in your car always. You never know when you may be in an accident or arrive on an accident scène and be able to help someone.

During the shaking, if your outdoors , Home Security: Protecting You and Your Home stay away from buildings, , Picking the Right Lock walls, , Home Security - A Thorough Approach for Protecting Your Home and power , Home Security and Your Children poles. Try for an open area like a park. If you're in a high-rise, stay away from windows , Document Shredding: Destroying The Things That You Value and outside , Handling Weather Emergencies: Part 1 - Forward Planning Makes The Difference walls. Get under a table or a desk. DO NOT use the elevators. If driving pull over to the side of the road and stop. Stay away from overpasses, power , Utilizing Customer Service at Your Home Security Company lines, and trees. , Disaster Preparedness: How to Get Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency

After the shaking stops, check yourself , Home Security Systems Provide a Safe Environment for Family Members and your family for injuries. Provide help to others. Do not move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger. Should you smell gas , Emergency Disaster Planning - Planning To Survive do not operate light , Avoiding Pickpockets switches. Open windows, , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth shut off gas , Increase Your Home Security With Video Surveillance and power , Magnetic Locks and leave the house. , How To Improve Your Home's Security And Privacy Be prepared for after shocks.

If needed purify water , Disaster Preparedness: How to Get Safe Drinking in an Emergency by boiling for 6 minutes. Check your BBQ for damage or leaks. You could use it for cooking. NEVER use your BBQ, camp stove indoors. , Avoiding Pickpockets Do not use your telephone unless there is a severe injury or fire. , Security Cameras

If you have to travel please stay off posted Disaster , How To Improve Your Home's Security And Privacy Response Routes. Ambulances, police and fire , Alarms - What Do We Do? equipment must move quickly to where the greatest need is. You should be prepared to find another route to get to where you want to go.

Listen to your radio for public service announcements. For further information , NYC Moving Advice on earthquake preparedness phone , Picking the Right Lock your local , What's the Big Push for Emergency Supply Kits? Government Emergency , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires? Coordinator.

Disclaimer: The Author of this article is not responsible for accuracy or completeness nor shall he be held liable for any damage or loss arising out of or in any way related to the information , Outdoor Lighting Adds Security, Artistic Look To A Home or utilization of it.
Article Source: Bruce Chambers sold his printing, publishing, mail order business and retired in 1980. He came on the Internet , Utilizing Customer Service at Your Home Security Company in 2003. He researched for 1 year, and then started a free monthly Internet , Bioterrorism Preparedness marketing report, plus free monthly recipes, bar mixes, tips , Nanny Cams & Privacy newsletters. At present he resells from his website.

You can subscribe to either or both free newsletters by going to his web , Security Cameras site. Please visit http://www.cbestbuys.com/

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