Hidden Dangers in the Homes of America

Article by: James Mosieur

They lurk in the homes , Handling a Hurricane; Part 2 - Preparing for and Surviving an Approaching Hurricane of America. Sometimes in groups, they huddle in dark, forgotten spaces, void of any recent acknowledgement of worth or value, just waiting for an opportunity to roam free once again. Although they mean no harm, they are potentially dangerous.

There is no clear evidence of why they are there, what relentless subconscious force drove them to the depths of the drawer, the loneliness of the shelf, the agony of the toy box, the darkness of the broom closet. But they remain there nonetheless...motionless, forgotten.

Their owners compelled to shove them away in a possible fit of confusion or greed or procrastination. They could have been your best friend or your worst enemy. What are they? They are an item that at one time was considered a sign of prosperity, now just considered a sign of the times. Yes, it's your old cell phone, , Is This Pepper Spray Hot? and it's time to set it free.

The most popular electronic device in the history of man, the cell phone, , Burglar Proof your Windows is soon to be the biggest contributor to the e-waste problem. Although it's lumped in with other offenders like the PC and television, the cell phone , Surveillance Equipment occupies a much higher place , Options In Effective Intrusion Detection in the e-waste disposal chain.

Cell phones , Buying Your First Handgun once thought of as useless, happen to be the most likely candidate for widespread re-use. Many companies re-market and refurbish used cell phones , Call for Safety Improvements in Design of Domestic Paper Shredders into communities around the world, so they may once again be the invaluable communication tool , Tropical Depression and Storm Michael they once were.

What's the Danger?

There are nearly 200 million cell phone , Home Security - Eight Things You Must Do To Deter Burglars users in the US all of whom upgrade their old cell phone, , What is Home Security Monitoring? on the average, every 18 months. This means that more than 11 million cell phones , Community Emergency Preparedness are retired every month in the US alone. As of this writing less than 5% of these phones , The Use of Light to Secure Your Home are collected for reuse and recycling.

Some claim that because of the small size of the average cell phone , Nannycams: Maintaining Your Child's Welfare While You Are Away it's easy for a consumer to simply trash it. Maybe one person trashing a cell phone , Home Security - Low Cost Alarms That Work doesn't seem like much but surveys suggest that each of the 200 million cell phone , Securing Home Water Supplies; Conservation of Water Planning subscribers have 2.5 old cell phones , Home Security - Discuss Your Home's Security With A Professsional Surveyor shoved in a desk drawer or stored in a closet somewhere in their home , Telephone Bugs That Call You or office.

Imagine if all those cell phones, , Securing Home Water Supplies; Conservation of Water Planning 500 million in all, were discarded in household , Tropical Depression and Storm Michael trash over the course of a year. Over 80,000 tons of additional waste would be generated. This is not common household , Evaluating Your Home Security Needs waste that is easily broken down. It has the potential to pollute.

It is common knowledge that electronic waste, or e-waste, contains toxins that are harmful to the environment. , NYC Moving Advice Electronic circuit boards in cell phones , Home Security: How to Make Your Home Burglar-Resistant contain toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury; just to name a few. Research has shown that cell phones, , Where Does Safety & Security Begin? Security Expert Explains when disposed in landfill conditions, leach hazardous levels of lead.

What's the Solution?

Many companies, like CellForCash.com, give value to many used cell phones , Keeping Your Home Secure While On Vacation currently out of commission, providing simple online , Installing Your Own Security Alarm System services convenient to consumers and businesses alike. Many organizations partner with cell phone , Buying Your First Handgun recyclers and hold cell phone , Home Security - Eight Things You Must Do To Deter Burglars fundraisers, accepting cell phones , Keeping Your Emergency Information Secure and Available as donations to further their cause. If all else fails there's free recycling services. Sometimes online , Nannycams: Maintaining Your Child's Welfare While You Are Away or through drop off locations , Body Worn Cameras You’d Never Guess or recycling events across the country.

Although piling up at a dramatic rate, used cell phones , NYC Moving Advice have a bright future. Refurbishing and recycling cell phones, , Securing Home Water Supplies; Conservation of Water Planning a growing , Home Security How to Spot Suspicious Activity business, is a step in the right direction. Attempts are also underway to replace lead with a less toxic substance in the manufacturing process.

But until then something needs to be done and cell phone , Bioterrorism Preparedness recycling is the best solution. So the next time you retire your old friend, don't banish it to your household , Whats The Top Burglar Alarm? hinterlands, make an effort to recycle. It's great for the environment , Home Security Cameras and your wallet.
James Mosieur is CEO of RMS Communications Group, Inc. RMS operates several cell phone , Hurricane Kirk is a Real Jerk recycling websites like http://www.CellForCash.com. He has been in the electronics recycling business since 1985. James writes and speaks on cell phone , The Necessity of Spy Electronics recycling and related subjects particularly as they relate to the individual consumer.

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