Home Security - Eight Things You Must Do To Deter Burglars

Article by: James Strobes

Why should you bother with preventive home , Surveillance Equipment ¬Ė The Assurance Of Security security measures? Because of one simple fact -- most home , Avoiding Crimes When Parking break-ins are crimes of opportunity.

Burglars don't usually do much advance planning for specific break-ins. They pick out any target that seems to be easy. If closer examination reveals that your home , Protect Your with Spy Camera is not an easy target, they just move on.

Here are 8 things you can do to prevent your home , Picking the right lock. from looking like a soft target.

1. All doors , Bug Detectors Offer Security for Home and Business and windows , How To Turn Thirty Dollar Web Camera Into Home Surveillance System should be plainly visible from the street and to your neighbors. Large shrubs , Fireproof Home Safes - Be Prepared For the Worst and hedges , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires? which hamper visibility make it easy for burglars to do their job.

That's why any bushes and shrubs , Alarm System Keypads that are within four feet of sidewalks, driveways, doors, , Abatement of Weeds at Your Log Cabin etc should be kept under a couple of feet high. Those within four to eight feet should be trimmed to not more than four feet high.

2. Do you place plants , Protect Your Home with Spy Camera under window , Tropical Hurricane Michael is Coming sills? If so, trim them to a foot lower than the window , Broken Key Removal (Pin Tumbler Locks) sill level.

3. Trees , Utilizing Customer Service at Your Home Security Company should not hamper visibility to your house. , Avoiding Pickpockets Also ensure that burglars can't use trees , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires? to gain access to your second floor , How To Secure Your Home With Surveillance Cameras windows and doors. , Ready for Emergencies? Five Simple Steps to Prepare for Disasters Trim trees , How To Avoid Violent Crimes so that the lowest branches are seven feet or more above the ground.

4. Large gauge gravel , Emergency Preparedness: Your Responsibility causes noise when burglars walk on it. Placing them under windows , How to Protect with Home Security, Security Bars, Security Windows, Security Window Laminates is a good psychological deterrent.

5. Use fencing around your house , Ready for Emergencies? Five Simple Steps to Prepare for Disasters and keep gates locked (even when you are at home, , Security Tips For Your Personal Safety if possible). This sounds elementary, but locked gates prevent burglars from making off easily with large items!

In other words, ensure that there are no quick exits from the house. , A Hidden Camera for Your Home

6. Grow , How to Evacuate Before a Hurricane thorny plants , The Real Desire for the UK House Buyer under windows , What Will It Take To Make Us Better Prepare For Life's Disasters? and along fences. They are very discouraging to burglars. Fencing using thorny plants , Surveillance Equipment is as good as barbed wire fencing and looks a whole lot better.

7. Ensure that street numbers are clearly visible from the street. This helps anyone responding to emergency , Firearms And The Protection Of Family calls to reach your home , Tropical Hurricane Michael is Coming faster.

House numbers placed on your house , How to Evacuate Before a Hurricane should be six inches high and made of reflective material. Alternatively, use black on white , Avoiding Crimes When Parking lettering. The numbers should be illuminated at night.

Paint your house , What Are Disaster Recovery Templates And How Do They Help? number on the curb in front of your driveway, using black lettering on white , How To Secure Your Home With Surveillance Cameras background.

8. Don't leave ladders and tools , Using an Outdoor Spy Cam lying around. They should be locked away in a in a storage area or garage. , What Will It Take To Make Us Better Prepare For Life's Disasters?

Get these eight things right and you will have enhanced your home , Whats The Top Burglar Alarm? security to a level that will make many potential burglars uneasy about targeting your home. , Broken Key Removal (Pin Tumbler Locks)
James Strobes is a home , What is a Stun Gun and office security , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires? consultant. For information , Emergency Disaster Planning - Building a Reserve on home , Thinking about Protection? security in general, home , Thinking about Protection? security alarm , What Will It Take To Make Us Better Prepare For Life's Disasters? systems and more, see the foregoing links.

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