How Safe are Your Possessions?

Article by: Jeff King

One of our basic needs is to protect our goods and valuables. How many times have we wondered: is it safe , Abduction Prevention Tips to keep my jewels or money at home? Will my kids be in danger of shooting themselves if I buy myself a gun? Will I get bankrupt if a fire , Safety in Using a Wood Heater starts by any chance in my office?

The need for safes appeared shortly after humankind discovered money, gold and other valuables. Until 1820 they helped only against theft, but starting in the 1840s they were designed, by using so called Wilder technology, to protect effectively against fire. , Hurricane Preparedness The burglar resisting safe , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires? was first patented in 1835 by Chubb Safes (it is believed that they were already producing them for almost 20 years).

There is a whole highly developed industry behind safes: they are usually made of metal, , Wireless Home Security Systems are designed to be fire , Is America Safe? and environmentaly resistant and are using high tech electronics, laser-cut doors , Magnetic Locks or memory recall capabilities. One of the world's largest home , Avoiding Crimes When Parking security providers is Sentry Safes. They offer high quality at competitive prices and in more than 70 years of being on the market they have remained faithful to the founder's beliefs: quality, affordability and innovation.

The safes generally have two main destinations - for home , Gauging Your Level of Security or office use - and can be classified in three main types:

1) Burglary Safes - they offer protection against theft, but very little against fire. , Today’s Home Security Usually they have solid metal walls , The Value of a Good Home Security System and a heavy door , Buying Your First Handgun resistant to a drilling, cutting or prying attack. Hardened resistant metals , Defining the World of Security Cameras are often used to slow down attempts to break in to this safe. , Avoiding Crimes When Parking

2) Fire , Alarm System: Contacts (Window & Door Switches) Safes - usually they are made of a thin metal , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth double wall , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security and have a fire-resistant insulating material between the walls. , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security They have a minimum level of security, , Alarm System: Contacts (Window & Door Switches) because they are designed to protect (especially papers) against fire. , Choosing Wireless or Hard Wired Home Security Products They have to maintain an internal temperature , Ex-Cop Reveals And Recommends Pepper Spray and Why of below 200 degrees C (the point at which documents will be destroyed) .The safes provide the fire , Defining the World of Security Cameras protection for either 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Similar to them, but a bit more effective, there are the "Data Safes"Ā¯ which maintain less than 52 degrees C (the point at which data media is destroyed) and also protect against high humidity, electro magnetic contamination, etc.

3) Fire , Increase Your Home Security With Video Surveillance / Burglary Safes - They are generally multi-purpose safes and offer good protection both against thefts and fire. , Safety in Using a Wood Heater They are designed like a burglary safe, , Abduction Prevention Tips but have a secondary wall inside, , Fireproof Home Safes - Be Prepared For the Worst which contains insulation (the material that helps maintaining a low temperature).

Usually home , Disaster Preparedness: How to Get Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency safes are used to prevent stealing or destruction , Defining the World of Security Cameras of our family's property: money, papers like receipts, contracts, personal and financial documents, jewels and sometimes other things which can be irreplaceable: photos, videos. For good protection of these valuables we need Fire/Burglary Safes. Usually, these safes are located in the floor , How to Choose a Home Security Camera or in the walls. , Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Joyce

The wall , LED Personal Lighting for Safety safes demand a special framing and it is better to place , Abduction Prevention Tips them as low as possible because, in the event of a fire, , Disaster Preparedness / Best Products List / Self Generating Flashlights the temperature , Buy Stun Guns is lower at ground level. They are very practical for those of us who value their possessions, but don't want to keep them in a bank. They are easy to install and access and they do not require special modifications of the interior , Home Security Tips - Good Lighting Helps Prevent Crimes or the design , Buy Stun Guns of the house. , Abduction Prevention Tips

When we don't have enough money to buy a professional safe , Emergency - Gas Fire! it is always better to remember about diversion safes! They don't look like the typical steel safe , The Value of a Good Home Security System and, although they have no protection against fire, , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth they can discourage a potential burglar, who hasn't got the time to search the whole house. , Explanation of EMF Protection Devices

We can use as diversion safe , First Aid for Electric Shock Victims containers for soda pop, canned fruit, , How to Choose a Home Security Camera home , Defining the World of Security Cameras cleaners, or even books. They have removable tops or bottoms so that we can put our goods in them, weight so that they appear normal when handled and most important, they are quite cheap compared to a normal safe. , Magnetic Locks We also don't have to forget that a gun safe , Emergency Disaster Planning - Building a Reserve is the most effective way of preventing a tragic accident at home! , Emergency - Gas Fire! Usually they are made of steel and the size is according to the size of the gun you want to secure. The bigger the safe , Gauging Your Level of Home Security is, the more it costs. But although it will cost an extra amount of money, it's better to remember that we should diminish the risks by keeping the guns safe. , Is America ?

When buying a safe , Emergency Disaster Planning - Building a Reserve we have to think of its destination, how accessible it is, how many options we can get for the amount of money that we are willing to pay and how it is rated (what is its level of security , Alarms - What Do We Do? against thefts, destruction). The best thing would be to hire a company that can monitor and protect your house/office and values. But when this is too expensive, safes are the next best option.
Jeff King is a technologist who writes on many consumer topics.

There's more about locks , Gauging Your Level of Home Security and safes at Safe'n'Locked

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