How to Buy a Safe for Your Home

Article by: Jimmie Newell

The first step is to determine who or where you will buy your safe , ty Alert! - All the Predators Come Out After Dark from. There are many places , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison to buy a safe , Keeping Your Home While on Vacation today, you can buy from a "big box store", an office supply store, a furniture , Bioterrorism Preparedness store, a hardware , Accessories for Camera Surveillance store, online, , Home Security Automation Essentials or even from a professional safe , Drinking Water in an Emergency or Disaster retailer or locksmith.

With any other than the safe , Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Nadine retailer or locksmith you run the very real chance of not being able to get qualified advice , Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency or Disaster as to what you need, not being able to arrange service or repair , Get Your Suspect With Body Worn Cameras should the need arise. When you buy from a professional safe , Bioterrorism Preparedness retailer or professional locksmith who also sells safes, you are likely to be dealing with someone who knows which safe , Alarm Controls are the Brain of your Security System, Use Yours When Choosing One will best fill your unique needs, these people make their living by selling safes, they know how a particular type or model will perform, they know the features , Home Security: Fire Safety and benefits, and what they are meant to protect. Being the experts they are, they also offer service, repair , Emergency Telephone Numbers and delivery services.

Would you really trust the protection of your priceless valuables to the advise you will receive from a minimum wage stockperson at a "big box store"?

What do you want to protect and what do want to protect it against? Cash, jewelry, guns, important papers, or computer media could all require a completely different kind of safe. , Bioterrorism Preparedness

Modern safes are manufactured specifically to protect against specific threats, a safe , Home Security Systems meant to guard against burglary, may not protect papers from fire. , Home Security Systems A fire , Alarm Controls are the Brain of your Security System, Use Yours When Choosing One safe, because of how it works, may actually destroy computer media or video tapes.

Burglary and jewelry safes are tested and labeled by a testing group according to how long it would take an expert thief, with all of the proper tools , First Aid Information In Case Of A Hurricane to break into the safe. , ty Alert! - All the Predators Come Out After Dark The more time it would take, the more you have to pay for that safe. , Magnetic Locks Contact your professional safe , Home Security Advice retailer for a complete discussion on burglary ratings.

Modern fire , Lightning Safety for the Home safes manufactured in the United States are tested and rated to keep the interior , Home Security temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a specific amount of time, usually expressed in hours. The char point of paper is 405 degrees Fahrenheit, so therefore would be protected from burning. This is accomplished by the fill material in the safe , Keeping Your Home While on Vacation releasing trapped moisture , Is it a "False Alarm" or a "False Dispatch" in the form of steam to keep the temperature , Bug Detectors Offer Security for Home and Business within the proper range and seal entry points against heat , Home Security Alarm Monitoring Services - Do You Need One? and flame. This release of steam could destroy video tapes, photographs, and computer media.

Modern media safes are constructed using a dry fill that does not release moisture. , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison These safes are usually much more expensive.

With the opening of world trade, and markets in the last few years, there are many safes being sold that are built in other countries, and some of them are labeled by groups other than ULâ. Some of these safes are very well constructed, some are very poorly constructed. The problem is that the testing standards are not the same, the construction requirements are not the same. It takes real diligence to be sure you are getting the protection you think you are getting. This is another reason you need to seek out a professional safe , Emergency Telephone Numbers retailer.

Next you should decide what size safe , Accessories for Camera Surveillance you need, be very honest with yourself , Lightning Safety for the Home when estimating what will be kept in your safe, , How Home Security Monitoring Works it may only be a little more expensive to buy a larger safe , Accessories for Camera Surveillance than you need today. Having to buy a new larger safe , Blackout - Get Ready For A Power Failure! could be much more expensive.

If you buy a properly rated safe, , Accessories for Camera Surveillance built to protect what you are putting in it, could result in homeowners insurance savings, check with your insurance agent. Be sure that you follow whatever requirements they may have, failure to do so could result in no coverage.

Have your needs defined, and your questions ready, then visit a professional safe , Drinking Water in an Emergency or Disaster retailer or professional locksmith.

Jim Newell
EzineArticles Expert Author Jimmie Newell
Please visit for links to manufacturers , Home Security sites and crime prevention sites, many of which have additional security tips. , Is it a "False Alarm" or a "False Dispatch" This information , Home Security Tips To Help Prevent Crime could save , Home Security Cameras your property , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison or even your life!

Jim Newell a Security , Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation Professional and Consultant for over 35 years, operates a web , Lightning Safety for the Home site who's mission is to bring you information , Good Home Security Practices When Buying A New Home about security , Surveillance Camera Positioning systems , security , Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency or Disaster devices and security , Picking the Right Lock hardware. To help you to make informed and educated decisions about securing your personal property, , Is it a "False Alarm" or a "False Dispatch" your home , Private Investigator Surveillance Techniques: Top 10 Tips and your business property. , How Home Security Monitoring Works Visit for more info. Sign up for our newsletter!

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