Installing Your Own Security Alarm System

Article by: Matthew Francis

Many people are searching for information , Safety First-Duty Always on how to , Home Security - The Role of Hidden Cameras install an alarm , Home Protection, What your security system may not detect!!! system in their own home , Safe Home or place , Auto Theft - What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle of business. There is little information , Safety First-Duty Always available to the Do It Yourself , Monitoring Your Security Alarm System consumer, when it comes to the processes and methods of the pros. The Experts Know! Alarms, , Additional Features of a Home Security System is a consumer advocate site that has many insightful articles and information , Someone Spying? about Security Alarm , How Home Security Monitoring Works Systems.

Let's take a peek inside , Home Protection, What your security system may not detect!!! a professional installer's toolbox, and see what they keep on hand to get the job done properly.

1 Dropcloth
1 6-8' Ladder
1 Toolbox
1 Tool , Tips for Buying a Home Security Camera Pouch or Apron with Pockets
Power , Tropical Storm and Hurricane Leslie Drill
Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Cordless Drill
Drill Bit Small Set
Drill Bit 3/8" x 5"
Drill Bit 3/8" x 18"
Drill Bit 3/8" x 72" (Bell Hangers or Flex Bit)
AT-T25 Stapler & Staples
22G. Stranded 2 Conductor wire (500-1000 Ft.)
22G. Stranded 4 Conductor wire (500-1000 Ft.)
18G. Solid 2 Conductor wire (For Fire , Home Security: Safety Devices)
1 Roll Black UL Listed Electrical Tape
1 Roll Light , Tropical Storm and Hurricane Leslie Color UL Listed Electrical Tape
1 Pair 5" Diagonal Cutters
1 Pair Wire Strippers
1 Cordless Soldering Iron
1 Roll Solder
1 Box B Connects (Goobers) Silicone Filled
1 Pack Small Tie Wraps
1 Steel Fish , Home Security How to Spot Suspicious Activity Tape
1 Wire Coat Hanger (for fishing)
1 Green , How Secure is Your Home? Flexible Grab Stick
1 Multimeter with Test Tone
1 Stud Finder
1 Box # 6 Wall , Nannycams: Maintaining Your Child's Welfare While You Are Away Anchors
1 Box # 6 x 1/2" Screws
1 Box # 6 x 1" Screws
2 Large Butterfly Wall , The Importance of a Home Security Alarm Anchors
1 Container of Dap
1 Pry Bar for Molding Removal
1 Small Paint , Increase Your Home Security With Wireless Security Cameras Brush
1 Small Can Pure White , Cell Phone Stun Gun Paint
1 Phillips Head Screwdriver
1 Flat , The Use of Light to Secure Your Home Head Screwdriver
1 Micro Flat , Cell Phone Stun Gun Head Screwdriver
1 Flashlight
1 Pack Extra Flashlight Batteries
1 Bubble Level
1 Drop Cloth
1 Vacuum
1 Dust Buster
3 Clean Rags
1 Telephone Test Set
1 Tone Generator & Tone Finder
1 Single Edge Razor Scraper
1 Sharpie Marker
1 Roll of Trash Bags
Matthew Francis - EzineArticles Expert Author
Matthew Francis

Matthew is a 22- year veteran of the alarm , Home Safety Tips industry. He has served as an installer, salesman, licensed alarm , Home Selling company owner, monitoring station designer, , Home Security: Fire Safety and a promotions and marketing director with one of the worlds largest security , Test Fidelity with a Spy Phone dealers. He now works as a consumer advocate, teaching consumers how to , Check Your Fireplace buy or get systems for free (without being taken). He is committed to being unbiased.

His web , Home Safe Home site is

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