Is Your Identity Really Safe?

Article by: Ken Burnett

Here are... Ten Preventative Steps To Help Safeguard Against Identity Theft.

Guard against malicious thieves stealing your identity.

If you receive suspicious billings or items that you don't recognize. Call , Don't Shoot Yourself In The Foot, Get A Gun Safe and investigate them right away with your provider. Try to head of any means of fraud before it can occur.

When you receive financial inquiries or solicitations in the mail...DON'T just discard them in the trash. Invest in a good crosscut shredder. , Emergency - Gas Fire! ..Don't discard ANY mail solicitations, fianancial papers, bank statements, invoices, quoates, or any items that may contain information , Ex-Cop Reveals And Recommends Pepper Spray and Why about you or your family members. Don't give would-be thieves an opportunity to gain access to your identity.

Don't give anyone your financial or private information , Home Fire Safety over the telephone unless you initiated the original phone conversation and you can verify the person or organization you're speaking to.

It's sad, but true in today's world. You must be very careful not offer ANYONE your social security , Texas Governor Wants Webcam Images Fed Live number, bank account number, credit card number, or any private or financial information , What Everyone Should Know About Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft over the phone , Home Security: Protecting You and Your Home without first properly identifying them. Get their contact phone , Fire Safety Tips and call , Home Fire Safety back to verify. Also be careful not to be talking on a cordless or cellular phone. , Keeping Your Home Secure While On Vacation ...these are NOT secure devices. Anyone with a radio scanner may be able to monitor your conversation!

Protect your ATM cards, Personal Identication Numbers (P.I.N.) Guard against ANYONE gaining posession of of any ATM Cards, Charge Cards, and (PIN) Personal Identification Numbers.Check that they are always in your control. Keep account numbers, receipts, and contact information , Home Security: Fire Safety in a secure place that'seasily accessed by you in the event that you identity information , Home Security: Options To Consider is breached.

Report any lost, stolen, or missing , How to Protect Your Family and Valuables by Hiding Them "Out of Sight and Out of Mind!" checks immediately to your bank. They can then arrange to block payment on specific check numbers in question. When you receive your checks in the mail, always confirm that none are missing. , International Terrorists Posing as if They have Legitimate Business to be there

Make sure to store cancelled checks in a safe place. , Effective Home Security When You Are Away

If you receive strange or suspicious inquiries asking for your account information , What's the Big Push for Emergency Supply Kits? to verify a statement or confirm an award or prize your bank and report this immediately.

Times have changed over the years. It is suggested that you no longer attach outgoing mail to your mailbox for pickup. Instead, deliver it directly to an official Post Office or postal collection box. This is one of the easiest ways a thief can steal your identity.

If you notice that your regular bills have stopped coming, find out why. Call , Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Bugs the company to verify. Someone could have filed a false change , Tornado Safety Tips of address to re-direct your information , Alarm System: Sirens to his or her address.
By protecting yourself , What Everyone Should Know About Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft using these simple steps, you can help prevent would be identity theives from accessing and gaining your identity.

These days Identity Theft is making HUGE headlines in the News. Always be on guard to detect and prevent any would-be theieves from stealing your Identity. No one wants to suffer malicious damages caused by someone posing as you or cleaning out your bank accounts, running up debt on credit cards, or any number of other unauthorized acts.

These threats are REAL ! Hundreds of thousands of people are victimized by these crimes every year.

(c) Copyright 2003 by Ken Burnett
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