Let's look at locks.

Article by: Jeff King


From the beginning of humankind people have felt the urge to protect what they possess. They start by covering the entrance of their caves with stones; later they hid their gold and jewels in the ground.

Then they discovered locks. , Why Do I Need a Paper Shredder? These were first made of wood , The Real Desire for the UK House Buyer and rope. They served the purpose well, although they were not so nicely designed. There is a lot of historical proof which certifies the use of locks , Hurricanes and Home Security; Protect Your Family long before we could imagine. Even in the Bible (Old Testament, Books of Judges) we have frequent mention of locks , Disaster Preparedness / Best Products List / Self Generating Flashlights and keys.


In modern society we have keys and locks , How to Buy a Safe for Your Home for everything: the house, , Test Fidelity with a Spy Phone the office, the car, the bike. We even have more than one key for the same building; keys and locks , Broken Key Removal (Pin Tumbler s) are so much a part of our daily routine that we don't take them into consideration (or maybe we do that only when the ring of keys is too heavy to be placed in our pockets).

But we do give a lot of thought when we have to pick the type of lock , Home Security and Perimeter Defenses or the type of key. Basically we are talking about mechanical locks , Burglar Proof your Windows (based on mechanical activation of the keys) electro-mechanical locks , Home Security Tips To Help Prevent Crime (can be both mechanical or electrical activated, but usually the key is replaced with numbered buttons that have to be pressed) and electrical locks , Auto Theft - What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle (activated by a card key that has a particular code, programmed to be read by a card reader which is controlled by an automated central or a local , Hurricane Preparedness processor).

How to pick the lock?

It is not as complicated as we think, but also not as easy as it appears in a lot of movies. Some say that this requires both art and science. We have to have a good knowledge of the lock , Tornado Safety Tips mechanism and, some practice.

Firstly we insert a tension wrench in the lock , Evaluating Your Home Security Needs (a screwdriver for example) and, with a slight pressure, turn the plug (the lock , Alarm System Industry Changes Will Effect All Security Alarm Users in 2006 cylinder) like the proper key would have done (we have to figure out what is the normal direction for the key to be turned). It will help create a small place , The Importance of a Reliable Home Security System between the lock , Missing Child: Don't Be The Next Statistic pins (placed inside , What is a Stun Gun the lock). Then we have to insert a lock , Abatement of Contagious Bird Flu pick in order to lift them up (like the proper key will do when inserted in the lock). Doing this and continuing to apply pressure on the tension wrench we will hear a slight click (made by the pins when they fall , Gas Scootersav in the right position) and the lock , Self Defense: Pepper Spray - Why It Is So Effective will be unlocked.

For unsophisticated locks , Handling a Hurricane; Part 2 - Preparing for and Surviving an Approaching Hurricane we can use a metal , CCTV Video Equipment Surveillance hair pin as a lock , Home Security – Defend Your Home and Possessions Against Intruders! pick. But professional locksmiths need an adequate pick tools , Home Security Tips - Good Lighting Helps Prevent Crimes kit. Basically this contains a tension wrench (they have different shapes and sizes) and several picks(long pieces of metal , Three Easy Steps to Help Protect Your Home which are curved up at one end). Some can use an electrical pick gun (contains long pieces of metal , Home Security and Perimeter Defenses and when they vibrate push the pins up and unlock the lock).

Re keying lock

The process of re keying is quite simple (takes couple of minutes) and it shouldn't be confused with the process of replacing a lock. , Evaluating Your Home Security Needs Actually it consists of disassembling the lock , Home Security: Fire Safety cylinder and replacing all the old lock , CCTV Video Equipment Surveillance pins with new ones, to match the new key. Then the cylinder is reinstalled in the lock! , Alarm Systems & Automobile Tires?

When for example a member of the family loses the house , Private Investigator Surveillance Techniques: Top 10 Tips key we can assume that a burglar has it. We should immediately re key the house , How To Buy A Spy Camera In 3 Easy Steps lock to prevent a potential theft. It doesn't cost a lot in time and money, but it can spare us a big stress. The same procedure is advisable when moving into a new house/apartment.

The better the lock , Auto Theft - What You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle is, the harder it will be for a burglar to break in!

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Jeff King is a technologist who writes on many consumer topics. There's more about locks , How to Buy a Safe for Your Home and safes at Safe , Good Home Security Practices When Buying A New Home 'n'Locked

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