Planning for the least Playback Time of Surveillance Video

Article by: Elia Levi

When you prepare to install a video surveillance camera , Home Security and Your Children system for protection and security , How Safe are Your Possessions? of your home, , Security Tips To Help Protect Your Children you should not neglect to plan , Private Investigator Surveillance Techniques: Top 10 Tips in advance for the time needed to review the recorded images.

Please be advised that your choices of Video-surveillance systems, will determine, among other things, the amount of footage of video recordings and the time needed to play it back for home , Security Tips To Help Protect Your Children surveillance.

This of course is true when live monitoring is not possible or advisable like is the case for most home , Security - Protect Yourself Against Burglary surveillance installations.

What can be done and how can one manage and reduce the amount of Video-surveillance information , Warning, Guard Dog on Premise produced?

As far as Home , The Jetsons Are Coming, The Jetsons Are Coming! Surveillance equipment and installation are concerned the most economic solution might well be that using time proven VCR (Video Cassette Recorders) either run at normal speed or at a reduced frame rate.

Special Time-lapse recorders , Keeping Your Important Documents Safe During Disasters are built to do just that. Two types are available. They may run continuously at a reduced frame-per-second rate, trading some less relevant information , Home Security Devices - How To Choose A Company To Buy From for increased tape cassette exploitation, somewhat sacrificing the quality and continuity of the recorded video clips.

Otherwise they may work at normal speed, but only when some action is detected in the camera , Hurricanes and Home Security; Protect Your Family field of view. They are programmed to go back to standby a short time after the action ends.

Saving on the amount of tape used makes it possible to reduce the cassette change , Home Security Defend Your Home and Possessions Against Intruders! frequency which in itself is a welcome gain.

But as far as the Video-surveillance reviewer is concerned it may make a huge difference if only selected parts of the recordings have to be examined, vs. the alternative of running the tapes.

Can you imagine how long would it take to play back all the long hours of video cassette tape, especially if multiple cameras , The Leading Causes for Insurance Claims and What You Can Do About Them are installed?

One might decide to run only a cursory examination of the records if no signs of burglary or other attacks are detected in the protected space.

But this policy might overlook premonitory signs, like those of somebody just looking around, with no clear purpose. This aspect is worth some thought.

Videotapes, to be examined, have first to be rewound, and then to be played back from beginning to end. They can be run at higher than viewing speed (Fast-forward), when scanning for clues to interesting images. The time required is anyhow substantial.

Traditional Video-surveillance systems offer analog recording methods (by videotape), perfectly responding to customers' requirements, except that picture quality may suffer somewhat because of difficulties in keeping clean the heads, which may need some periodic care.

However in home , Disaster Planning is Essential for Your Family and Your Business surveillance systems, image quality may not be the first priority. Additionally, in time, it may become increasingly difficult to find spare parts and adequate service, because of inevitable obsolescence.

Videotapes are only one of the available recording systems. They are based on analog signal processing that uses the electronic signals streaming from the camera , Safety Training: The Need For Security without further manipulation.

But other systems are available, those making use of digital signal processing, which, possibly at a higher price, offer a whole set of features , Abatement of Weeds at Your Log Cabin and advantages that may make them preferred, even for simple home , Have You Planned An Earthquake Kit surveillance tasks.
Elia Levi is a retired engineer. He built a website to assist with a step-by-step guide to understand, design, , Alarm System: Wireless Remotes select and set up, all by yourself , Gas Masks - A Preemptive Measure for Unprecedented Attacks the best and least expensive surveillance , Have You Planned An Earthquake Kit system for your home , Test Fidelity with a Spy Phone security. Find out more on the subject of this article at

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