Stand Alone Keyless Access - How Does It Work?

Article by: Jimmie Newell

Security and convenience are usually delicately balanced. If something is secure it isn't convenient and vice versa. It's convenient to leave your keys in the ignition, but it isn't secure. Keyless access products , The Top 5 Home Security System Components offer both aspects in an attractive package.


脗路 All pushbutton locks , The Top 5 Home Security System Components use a code instead of a key to unlock the door. , Home Security System, You Are A winner Older mechanical pushbutton locks , The Top 5 Home Security System Components work, but they are limited to one working code at a time.


脗路 MULTIPLE USERS These keyless locks , Top Ten House Alarm and Home Security Devices offer the ability to have dozens or hundreds of individual user codes. Each user can be added or deleted without affecting others.

脗路 SETTING CODES Adding, deleting or changing user codes is quick and easy. Basic models are programmable at the keypad. You can manage large groups of user codes with software on a laptop or PDA.

脗路 AUDIT TRAIL AND TIME ZONES Some models will keep an audit trail of who used or attempted to use the lock , Tropical Depression and Storm Michael and when they used it. Time zones can be set up that tell the lock , Alarm System: Window Screens who is authorized to enter and when they are authorized. Time zones can be set up for specific hours of specific days, shifts, opening and closing times, or to exclude weekends or holidays.

脗路 USE EXISTING CREDENTIALS Some units can be equipped to accept various credentials such as swipe cards, proximity cards or fobs, even your own credit card. This allows the integration of Stand Alone Keyless products , Alarm System: Window Screens into existing access control systems, without the expense of changing existing credentials, or added separate credentials for only that lock. , Home Security - The Role of Hidden Cameras This feature , Disaster Preparedness: Remember These Flood Disaster Survival Tips can also allow the use of dual credentials for high security , Home : How To Deal With Bogus Callers applications.

脗路 WIRELESS Most stand-alone keyless access units operate on four standard AA batteries, eliminating the need for costly additional wiring and bulky external power , Why You Need Covert Listening Devices supplies to activate the unit. However some can optionally be hardwired when battery power , Keeping Your Emergency Information Secure and Available is not practical.

脗路 EASY RETROFIT Keyless access products , Home Security: Protecting You and Your Home are designed to quickly replace existing lock hardware. , Securing Home Water Supplies; Conservation of Water Planning The existing holes in the door , The Use of Light to Secure Your Home are re-used and lock designs , Why Do I Need a Paper Shredder? and finishes complement the existing commercial hardware , The Top 5 Home Security System Components in your facility.

脗路 COMPATIBILITY Keyless locks , All in One Hidden Digital Video Recorders are made for use with most brands of exit devices, mortise locks, , Why You Need Covert Listening Devices knob/lever locks, , All in One Hidden Digital Video Recorders deadbolts, etc. Most units allow for emergency , Home Security Systems Provide a Safe Environment for Family Members key override. This feature , CCTV can be utilized with a restricted (or high security) key or keyed to match your existing master key system.

脗路 I/C PREP The popularity of interchangeable core locking systems (BEST-type) fits right in with these locks. , Securing Your Home - Are Your Doors And Windows Really Safe? Use your existing control keys and cores to maintain system integrity.

脗路 GRADE 1 DEPENDABILITY Heavy-duty commercial locks , Why Do I Need a Paper Shredder? are rated as Grade 1. Keyless access products , The Use of Light to Secure Your Home in the market today allow you to meet Weatherproof, Grade 1, ADA and Fire , Extinguishers - They Can Save Your Life Life-Safety requirements. Others are rated Grade 2 for use in standard-duty hardware , Home Security and the Strength of Your Doors applications.

Contact your local , Better Hearing with Listening Devices Locksmith or other Security , Home : Protecting You and Your Home Professional for complete information. , Disaster Preparedness: Remember These Flood Disaster Survival Tips

Jim Newell
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