Tips To Avoid Carjacking

Article by: Virginia Waters

Picture this----you're sitting in your car at an intersection waiting for the light , Telephone Bugs That Call You to turn green. , Home Security and Your Children Maybe you're listening to music on your CD player or a news story on the radio. And then BAM---it happens!

A carjacker appears at your window , Chicago Real Estate from out of nowhere. You didn't even see it coming! And that is exactly what street robbers and carjackers prefer-----the element of surprise! According to Police and security , Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth experts, most victims of carjacking say they "never saw it coming" until it was too late!

There Are 22 Good Ways To Avoid Being Carjacked!

To reduce your risk of being carjacked, we have listed some common sense steps for you below:

1. Always park in well lighted areas, if you plan , Hurricane Preparedness to arrive or leave after dark.

2. Don't park in isolated or visually obstructed areas near walls , Surveillance Equipment – The Assurance Of Security or heavy foliage.

3. If you're a woman driving alone, experts suggest that you use valet parking or use an attended garage. , What's the Big Push for Emergency Supply Kits? Important to remember if you use valet parking is never to leave anything in your car containing personal information , Types of Self Defense Products that can be stolen or used for identity theft.

4. As you walk to your car, always be alert to suspicious people just sitting in cars. Many times carjackers use this technique to spot potential victims who aren't paying attention.

5. One of the best pieces of advice , Body Worn Cameras at Height of Miniaturization from security , Home : Fire Safety experts is this. If you are alone at a shopping mall, don't be afraid to ask a security , Body Worn Cameras Youd Never Guess guard to escort you to your car. It just might save , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison your car from being stolen---or your life being put at risk! So, do the smart thing! Ask for help.

6. Another favorite carjacking method used by young males is loitering in areas and handing out fliers, etc. So, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid places , Tips To Avoid Carjacking that just don't "feel right".

7. Well, what should you do if you see someone approaching you on the way to your car? Either change , Texas Governor Wants Webcam Images Fed Live directions or run into a busy store. Alert mall security , Evaluating Your Home Needs about what happened.

8. Many times--and I can't understand why---people don't listen to their "gut instincts". If a situation doesn't feel right---Get Out Of There In A Hurry!

9. Very few people go to the extreme of looking under, around and inside , Ex-Cop Reveals And Recommends Pepper Spray and Why their car as they approach it. Security , Home and Your Children experts all agree, this is a great way to keep alert to protect yourself , Wireless Home Security Systems from carjacking!

10. Don't open your car door , What Is Security? unless you absolutely feel sure that it is safe , Best Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Hurricane to do so. Enter quickly and then lock , Surveillance Equipment – The Assurance Of Security the doors. , Floor Safes - Proven Protection If you don't feel safe, , Securing The ty of Your Home With The Ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui start the horn blowing by using your keyless entry button.

11. Don't be a target by turning your back while loading packages into your car.

12. One of the easiest ways to avoid carjacking is to make it your habit to always start your car and drive away immediately. The longer you linger inside , Surveillance Equipment – The Assurance Of Security your car without driving away, the better target you become for carjackers.

13. Teach and practice with your children to enter and exit your car quickly.

14. Especially in cities, always drive with your car doors , Find Out All About New Orleans Hurricane Shelters locked and the windows , Phone Taps That Allow You to Listen to Both Ends of the Conversation rolled up. All it takes from you is an instant of not being focused and it could cost you your car----or even worse---your life!

15. Here is a great method to avoid carjacking. When stopped in traffic, leave room , Phone Taps That Allow You to Listen to Both Ends of the Conversation to maneuver and escape, if necessary.

16. This is one of THE GREATEST RISKS you can face! If you are bumped in traffic, don't get out of the car! Use your cell phone , Thermal Imaging to See Inside Private Residences; Patriot Act? to call , Tropical Hurricane Michael is Coming the Police. Many time carjackers use this technique so that the drivers get out of their cars. At that point, it's easy for them to overpower you and steal your car. Stay alert--don't let this happen to you!

17. If your car is bumped from behind, just wave for the other car to follow yours to a gas , Body Worn Cameras at Height of Miniaturization station or other busy place , Best Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Hurricane before getting out. Again, we suggest that you call , What's the Big Push for Emergency Supply Kits? the Police even before you get out of the car. You just can't afford to take chances with your car or your life!

18. If you are ever confronted by an armed carjacker--Do Not Resist! Always remember--your car can be replaced. But once your life is gone--it's over forever!

19. Give up your keys or money if demanded without resistance.

20. The very last thing that you want to do is argue, fight or chase the carjacker. You could be seriously injured or killed. So, don't do it--it's not worth it.

21. Never agree to be kidnapped! Either drop the keys or throw them away from the car as far as you can. When the carjacker goes for the keys--get out of there as fast as you can.

22. If you are forced to drive with the carjackers, think about crashing your car near a busy intersection so that bystanders can come to your aid and call , Home Security: Fire Safety the police.

And finally, if you can't avoid a carjacking, call , Gun Safes - 4 Revealing Statistics Why Firearms Owners Need A Gun Safe the Police immediately to report the crime. Try to give them as much detailed information , Phone Taps That Allow You to Listen to Both Ends of the Conversation as you can for their report.


We hope that these tips , Phone Taps That Allow You to Listen to Both Ends of the Conversation help you and your family avoid a very dangerous situation!
Virginia Waters , Organizing an Arson Watch Program helps everyday people with their personal self defense needs. She works with Powerful Response, a supplier of self defense and security , Find Out All About New Orleans Hurricane Shelters products. View more anti-crime articles by visiting

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