What Everyone Should Know About Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft

Article by: Etienne Gibbs

Identity theft commonly begins with the loss or theft of a wallet or purse. But there are many or high-tech and low-tech ways criminals can get their hands on your personal and financial information , Tropical Hurricane Joyce; No Need to Rejoice in order to commit identity theft.

When someone uses your name or personal information, , Emergency Telephone Numbers such as your credit card number, driver's license number, Social Security , Tropical Hurricane Helene is Howling number, telephone number, or other account numbers, without your permission, you become a victim of identity theft.

Thieves steal your personal information , Personal Safety Gifts for the Holidays and use it to open credit accounts, bank accounts, telephone service accounts, and make major purchases in your name. These criminals use your sensitive information , What is Your Security Awareness IQ? to take over existing accounts, or open new accounts. Their criminal activities can result in damage to your credit rating and denials to credit and job offers.

Protecting Your Identity While there are no guarantees that your identity will never be stolen or compromised, there are several steps you can take to minimize the risks. Here are a few of them:

"¢ Before you discard your personal information , Abatement of Crime in the City that you no longer need, such as credit card receipts, billing statements, and pre-approved credit card offers, shred them using, at best, a diagonal-cut shredder. , Home Security - Discuss Your Home's Security With A Professsional Surveyor

"¢ Create unique passwords and personal identification numbers (PINS) and avoid using easily available information , Is CCTV Video Equipment useful? such as mother's maiden name, date of birth, or last four digits of your Social Security , Gun Safes - 4 Revealing Statistics Why Firearms Owners Need A Gun Safe number.

"¢ Do not give your Social Security , Fire Extinguishers - They Can Save Your Life number to people or companies that you do not know.

"¢ Guard your mail from theft. Promptly remove your incoming mail from your mailbox and place , Securing Home Water Supplies; Conservation of Water Planning outgoing mail in locked collection boxes at your local , Safety Training: The Need For Security Post Office.

"¢ As an extra measure of security, , Tips To Avoid Carjacking install a lock , Community Emergency Preparedness on your mailbox, even if mail theft is not an identified problem in your neighborhood.

"¢ Before disclosing personal information, , Is This Pepper Spray Hot? even to people you know where you shop or do business, insist on knowing the reason(s) your personal information , How To Turn Thirty Dollar Web Camera Into Home Surveillance System is required and how it will be used.

Low-Tech Rip-offs: Thieves can do much damage with what they remove from your mailbox.

Criminals are increasingly creative in the methods they use to get their hands or eyes on your personal information, , Abatement of Crime in the City and ultimately, your money. Here are some of the low-tech techniques they employ:

"¢ Dumpster Diving, one of the easiest ways for them to appropriate your personal information. , Home Security and Your Children

"¢ Mail Theft from unsecured residential mailboxes. According to statistics, mail theft most often takes place , International Terrorist 911 Style Cyber Attack at unprotected and easily accessible mailboxes in public places. , Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Nadine

"¢ Shoulder surfing takes place , Home Security System, You Are A winner when a thief watches or listens literally over your shoulder as you enter your PIN into an ATM machine. They may even follow you home , Gauging Your Level of Security or your place , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison of work to gather additional information , Home Security and Your Children about you.

High-Tech Techniques: Data transferred across the Internet , Home Security System, You Are A winner can be intercepted during its journey.

"¢ Phishing and Pharming: While phishing is a scam in which consumers are tricked into entering their personal information , Burglar Alarms: Myths and Truths via a bogus email and website form, pharming occurs where hackers steal personal information , Alarm System: Contacts (Window & Door Switches) from numerous people simultaneously through something known as "domain spoofing". They take over a DNS server and redirect user information , Personal Safety Gifts for the Holidays to a new website that they use to gather, collect, "pharm" illegal information. , Installing Your Own Security Alarm System

"¢ Skimming: Thieves quickly and temporarily steal a credit card and run it through a skimmer, a credit card reader that has been reprogrammed to steal information , Call for Safety Improvements in Design of Domestic Paper Shredders off the card.

Fight Back: Reduce the Risks

Make education about the scams, schemes, and frauds criminal use to steal your identity your priority in view of the rising occurrence of this multi-million-dollar-problem. With education comes prevention. Here are some prevention tips , Abatement of Weeds at Your Log Cabin to help reduce the risks:

"¢ Safeguard your personal information. , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security Never take simple things for granted.

"¢ Carry with your only the information , International Terrorist 911 Style Cyber Attack you need. Always keep your personal information , Burglar Alarms: Myths and Truths and documents in a safe , Motion Detectors And Your Home Security and secured place , Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison of your choosing.

"¢ Order and review a copy of your credit report at least once a year.

"¢ Shred documents containing your sensitive information , Home Safe Home before discarding them.
For extensive information , Home Security: How to Defend Your Home When You Are Away about ways to protect your identity, visit "Protecting Your Identity" at http://www.ProtectingYourIdentity.blogspot.com/

Known as The Master Blog Builder, Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, helps small business owners and non-profit organizations improve their customer relationship marketing. Often he comes across cases that are red flags calling identity thieves to come in. Hence, he started the "Protecting Your Identity" blog. Contact him at http://www.MasterBlogBuilder.com/ for more information. , Call for Safety Improvements in Design of Domestic Paper Shredders

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