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Architecture, interior design, furniture, exhibition planning and design, and urban studies. New York City.
William Gati - Home - Architecture and Music - New York City - Queens - NY
William Gati is an Architect with Architecture Studio in Queens New York, as well as a classical jazz musician with compositions and recordings available.
Welcome to Davis Brody Bond
New York City based firm providing expertise in architectural, planning, programming, preservation, interiors, consultative, and collaborative services. Requires Flash plug in.
Welcome to Bell & Spina
New York architects and planners. Recent project profiles and résumés of key personnel.
News, firm overview and contact information. Locations in Bedford Hills and New York City.
Victoria Benatar Urban |
Architect in Freeport, New York. Profile, portfolio of commercial and residential projects.
The Liebman Melting Partnership
Architects and Planners
The Carman Group LLC
New York firm providing architectural design and construction management services for the residential and small business markets. Includes brief portfolio, services offered and contact information.

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Self Defense - Pepper Spray or Stun Gun - a Comparison - To be or not to be? In New Mexico, the question is red or green? (referring to the chile) In Chicago it's the Cubs or White , Security Cameras Sox?Okay so maybe it doesn't rank up there with those lofty questions, but people ask me all the time whic...

Body Worn Cameras at Height of Miniaturization - In todays world of miniaturization, body worn cameras, , Private Investigator Surveillance Techniques: Top 10 Tips along with just about everything else, have gotten almost so small that they can be virtually undetectable by the naked eye. A prime example of that is the new interchangeable button/screw camer...

Planning for the least Playback Time of Surveillance Video - When you prepare to install a video surveillance camera , Abatement of Crime in the City system for protection and security , Home After An Earthquake of your home, , Options In Effective Intrusion Detection you should not neglect to plan , Alarm System Industry Changes Will Effect All Security Alarm Users in 2006 in advance for the time needed to review the recorded images.Please be advised that your choices of Vide...

Terrorist Terrorism and Terrorized - As we sit glued to the television set listening to all the gory details of yet another terrorist attack leaves us all in a state of shock. We all feel sad. We all feel that enough is enough. We all listen to how much the death toll is rising into the...

What Kind Of Home Security System Do You Need? - There are several simple and low cost security , Buying Your First Handgun measures that anyone can put in place , Using an Outdoor Spy Cam around their home , Why Do I Need a Inventory? Or Will I Regret Putting this Off for Later? to greatly enhance their security. , Who Wants to Know What's Going On When You're Not There? And usually it's a good idea to put some of these common sense measures in place , Tropical Hurricane Alberto Rings in the 2006 Tropical Hurricane Season as First Storm first when you give attentio...

Home Security Tips For Your Personal Safety - The subject of home , Security - The Doors to Your Home security is very important and should be given plenty of advance thought regardless of whether you live in an apartment , Thinking About Home Protection? or house , Outdoor Lighting Adds Security, Artistic Look To A Home that you own. You want to be sure that your possessions and personal safety , Tropical Storm Isaac; Will It Grow are well protected at...

So You Got The Pepper Spray-Now What? - For successful self defense use of pepper , Use Of Home Security Cameras Increase spray you should experiment and develop practice drills regardless of how and where you carry your spray. If you carry it in your purse, keep in mind that you want to retain possession of it even if your p...

Use Camera Dummy Security - Fake Security Cameras to Deter Intruders - If you dont want to spend a lot of cash on a home , Handling Weather Emergencies: Part 1 - Forward Planning Makes The Difference security system, but you want intruders or possible burglars to be deterred from your property, , Handling Weather Emergencies: Part 1 - Forward Planning Makes The Difference then a camera , CCTV Video Equipment Surveillance dummy security , Handling Weather Emergencies: Part 1 - Forward Planning Makes The Difference might be just what you need. With a camera , What Kind Of Home Security System Do You Need? dummy security, , Hurricane Preparedness thieves will...

Read This Article If You Want To Stop Crime - Have you been a victim of a crime, the chances are that all Americans during their lifetime will in fact become a victim of a crime. You never know when it can happen or where you will be at the time. There are many types of crime from personal ba...

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